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Auto-da-fe of the Day


Social Justice Central, the city of Minneapolis, has just reversed course and decided it doesn’t want to defund the police, and rather more like the opposite of that, after all. Too many murders to swallow. Too much mayhem to lose sleep over. Too many thieves giddy for another day of grabbing shit for free. This was all quite predictable (in fact we did predict it): once these latte soccer moms and willowy Prius (or should it be priapus) dads had stomped and stormed and babbled till their larynxes collapsed about defunding or reforming or whatever they wanted the police to do; once they’d run out of their Xanax refills—there to calm their nerves, guilt-rattled by the ruthlessness of police who were purportedly gunning down Black men by the dozens every week (no such evidence existed to even remotely support this dumb and inflammatory claim); once their bleeding guilty consciences had been cauterized by a summer torching of small businesses; once these white plantation owners in their hemp yoga tights (so organic and yet amazingly elastic!) had weirdly and gleefully watched their cities trashed and looted in a sexual orgy of violence which served as a proxy for their Covid-castrated lives; once the Prince Of Darkness was sent back to the hateful orange pit from which he impossibly issued; once they’d placed him under a kind of social media house arrest down there; once they had done all that, we predicted, they would wake up from their Wokeness and more or less admit the whole thing was a bluff.

Slowly, they began calling for civility and sanitation and protection in the very cities—Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, NY City—where social justice reigned and was ecstatically on parade. Recent examples of their shameless backtracking include a law and order Democrat who just won the NY mayoral race, and over in Buffalo a write-in candidate trounced a thoroughly Post-Marxist ideologue. Last but not least, the manically liberal state of Virginia ejected the incumbent Terry McAuliffe in favor of a come-out-of- nowhere businessman who went after Critical Race Theory (the intellectual basis for BLM) and its intrusion into Virginia’s schools. We’re getting back to normal only after shitting and pissing on normalcy for political and ideological ends, obviously, and those who were behind this shit-piss fest, the “Say Her Namers” and all the rest, kind of just faded away, back into their pilates classes and gravity-less chairs where they might stress-free enjoy another edition of The New Yorker. Does it really make sense that a nationwide firestorm fizzled out like a cheap firecracker in just a matter of months. How many Black lives, dare we ask, has BLM actually saved? Where is BLM to tackle the rabid increase in every type of crime, especially in neighborhoods where POC live? How many random black folk have been murdered on any random number of city streets in Portland or Chicago? Who’s saying their names now?

This was all emotional-political theater, of course, and it worked. Though street level BLM supporters are cleaning up the mess they were either party to or conceded was “necessary” to right a social wrong (so what that 1.5 billion dollars of property had to burn, and over a dozen were killed), their bosses, Post-Marxists, are busy creating another mess by grabbing our most coveted institutions by their necks and holding them hostage. If these now thoroughly institutionalized terrorists don’t relent, it is likely that something on the order of an actual civil war will break out between the races, and a virtual civil war will break out between the sexes (or gender, whatever). If this race baiting and sex baiting doesn’t stop soon the “summer of love,” as it was diabolically called by the Major of Seattle, will make a return as an ugly and catastrophic season of hate.

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