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Auto-da-Fe of the Day (Brazen)

(Brazen, Part 1)

Nordstroms at The Grove in LA looted by bad people because good people made them behave that way

Based on this newstory with headline: “A new breed of brazen takeover robbers hitting California luxury retailers, raising ire.”

Alas, dear readers, a new breed of looters, a new breed of Louis Vuitton and Versace and Nordstrom vultures, from out of a terrible vacuum have descended upon our most beloved lib cities—NY, SF, LA, Chicago. “These poor retailers are suffering. We are not just talking about the big stores and luxury retailers, but small businesses,” quoteth the LA Times about the recent spate of robberies and thuggeries following the acquittal of that kid for murder in Kenosha, WI.

Sorry, LA Times, not a new breed, but rather, obviously, a not-all-that-old breed has returned; they did not spawn from a vacuum but from the very same get-out-there-and-grab-shit-for-free nest. These are the same hooligans who terrorized our country and small business owner for months on end just a year-and-a-half ago now. Yet, reporting on it back then, our same LA Times went out of its way to piously observe about the Auto-da-Fe of Nancy Silverton’s Mozzaplex: “Despite the imperiled financial situation they [small business owners, like Silverton] find themselves in, some restaurant owners said they were donating to the cause and encouraged customers to do the same.”

Property is one thing, they told us, physical life is something else altogether! Let the former burn, let the expiation never abate! Burn down my business, my house, my outhouse—defund, defang, defecate, deflower, dement, whatever it takes!!!!!!!

But wait. There are still Black Men getting killed out there, in fact, at ever more alarming rates. “In many cities, towns and rural areas, homicides are up in 2021, even after a sharp rise last year. The reasons are elusive. The impact is immeasurable,” the NY Times rhapsodically reports. Here is their tidy little graph illustrating this elusiveness for your saddest consideration:

Now it is brazen, where before it was brave? Now it’s ire where before it was a kind of righteous fire? Please. Offer up in penance some more of your tender flesh for fry, I say! Why stop? There is work–I mean, looting—yet to do. Where are your candle light flames now that the Prince of Darkness has been vanquished?

This re-transcribing of history, retracing and erasing and over-pasting, a la 1984, of the near past, is kidding nobody anymore.

Here is another elusive, to end this depressing post. A registered sex offender, with a rap sheet that is too long to even be rapped—and who just two weeks before tried to run over the mother of his child with his car—plowed that same car into a parade and left lethal carnage in his wake. All this was made possible because the Milwaukee County Attorney General’s office had adopted the Post-Marxist philosophy that “bad people do bad things because good people do bad things to them,” and let him go on $1000 bail. Who will hold these domestic terrorists accountable?

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