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Degenerate SF School Board Members starting to Degenerate

Based upon this news story

Just a few days ago, San Franciscans recalled three school board members, and are hell-bent on recalling even more if they don’t pull the politically correct sticks out of their post-marxists asses. The main issue is the board’s renaming of schools, including Abraham Lincoln and John Muir, in favor of who knows who, maybe starting with Rhianna, then some Tiki Tok Global Warming hysteric or the near fossilized trans-Guatemalan housekeep who dusted and broomed for Nancy Pelosi when our House Rep was generations ago a kid.

We were the first to detail the demented methodology that the board used to determine how and who would get the axe. But recently even the so-called major media could no longer hold its collective noses, and gingerly plugged in with assessments like “The committee got important facts wrong about some of the people whose names it wanted to wipe from the schools — embarrassing, avoidable, and credibility-destroying errors.” In fact, the whole of post-marxist rhetoric on race and sex is chock full of “embarrassing, avoidable and credibility-destroying errors.” We are increasingly living in a country that seems intent on shoving down our collective throats “embarrassing, avoidable and credibility-destroying errors” as though we were ducks doomed for their CRT foie gras.

This kind of thing, barn storming of norms, my liberal friends, Ph.Ds and MFAs and the like—told me, and still tell me— only happens in “white supremicist” hamlets with their QAnon, conspiracy minded moms and dads and grannies who threaten school boards, raise their voices in crude objection, recalling and banning books—like, for anti-Semitic instance, MAUS! Dumb church going white people (our virtuous heroin is also white, but, note, intimately aware of her privileged Vassar or Yale pedigree. After all, she is conversant in MAUS, not just volume 1, but 2. She made it the bedtime story for her 3 old, to boot!); it is these pitiful plump whites who when you say “The Atlantic” think only of the ocean; who when you say “The Times” think only of “The End Times,” a la James Dobson, that are the threat!

They are of one mean, sizzling, seething domestic terrorist cell, for whom Jan. 6 is a debased July 4th redo. They’re at the ready to undo our republic, with caches of calibers and killing machines piled grotesquely up in some remote cave in Appalachia, or tornado cellared in some flat and ugly Oklahoma outpost. Those truckers in Canada, count them in too. Look at them, muttering treasonous disinformation from their cheetos stained truck seats. Look at all that mileage on their diesel eating faces. Just consider the carbon spewing from their grotesque sixteen wheeled vehicles. Steal their diesel cans; let them freeze to death; seize their bank accounts, let their families starve; monitor their every communication, alas, let them fear talking to themselves during those long lonely roads to wherever Kansas.

Only one problem, my dearest liberal holdouts (post-marxist for career advancement purposes only) these SF naysayers were simple, tax paying citizens, mainly democratic and mainly Asian who were tired of the crazy-making internal siege on life and order the post-marxists made them endure. They’re done with making believe that their ordure is some society saving horderves. Finally, you see, the post-marxist extortion—the price for non-compliance, literal incineration— the whole BLM chaos and neuroticism, the whole micro-dividing of society into barely visible human specimens, is dying out, wearing stupid thin. It will, as we predicted here, continue to wear thin and die out to the point of exhaustion, not only in SF, but throughout the country.

It was all a lie, and an alibi. A tale, containing a whisper of truth, that overwrought tormented minds confected into a hurricane that was necessary, a necessary evil, they say, to drive evil itself, manifested in the Prince of Darkness, from our midst. The incalculable mess it left behind was simply unavoidable. A tale, also, they told themselves to exorcise their own internal demons and unfillable depressions. But if the tale is waning, the story isn’t over. This was all part and parcel of a deeper struggle that will determine the fate of this republic and beyond, a struggle between two competing ideals: Individualism and Identity Communitarianism. This war is raging in untold corners of this nation as I write. Far from over, it has barely just begun.

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