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Are We Finally Waking Up from the Nightmare of Wokeness?

by Aris Janigian

Based upon this WaPo article

While the Prince of Darkness (POD) was still in power, quite naturally, the so-called “anarchists” were just a bunch of righteously angry kids, who were righteously pulverizing downtown Portland and laying siege to a Federal Courthouse. Back then, the mayor came out to actually join them, kind of; back then, any suggestion by the POD that federal troops be used to restore the order was deemed a “threat to democracy;” and sending troops to protect the courthouse was “agitating the agitators” or alternately a diabolical publicity stunt; back then—less than a year ago—Portland threatened to sue the Feds for merely putting a fence around the courthouse: “Portland officials threaten to Fine Feds for Courthouse Fence—It’s Blocking a Bike Lane,” was an actual headline. Back then, a good friend told me that according to one of his colleagues “on the ground” that all was well in Portland, except for a few blocks downtown everyone was going about their business as usual. That all the hysteria was being drummed up by the POD and his commissars of darkness, Fox News et al. Back in November, we had the audacity to hypothesize that all this would come to a bitter end in a piece titled Portland Parable. Now it has come to a bitter end.

Traditional liberals, even many progressives, have yet to reckon with the devil’s bargain they made with these terrorists and the societal scale insanities that they ushered in under the threat of endless internal siege. Today we learned, for instance, that female prisoners at California’s “highest security women’s prison – are watching as biological males begin to self-identify as females and transfer in. Washington state, which has a similar policy, has already allowed a rapist and serial killer of women to transfer into the women’s prison. As is true in Washington state, California requires no sex reassignment surgeries or hormones for men to become eligible for transfer to the women’s prison. Self-identification is enough. With good reason, these women are terrified.” The WAPO article claims the anarchists have “hijacked” the SJ movement, but this is simply cynical backpedaling, school-boy level justification for the WAPO’s, and nearly every other major media’s, cheerleading of the firebombers just a year ago. The instant sex-changers threatening women in prisons, is of one piece with Defund the Police, Systemic-this-and-that, White Supremacy—all religio-political slogans that pose as social science truths, ones that cannot be empirically demonstrated to any social scientists’ or even any educated person’s satisfaction, cannot even be rationally discussed and argued for. Hence they had to be pummeled into our collective consciousness via shock and awe, the terror of last summer. The Woke mean to radically transform society as we know it, but they couldn’t have done it, and cannot continue to do it, without the complicity of traditional liberals. The revolution has already radically changed institutions in America and sent into quietude countless contrarians. But now that the POD is gone, is it time for you to finally speak up, friends? Better late than never.

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