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Protectiveness and coddling are certainly part of the right way to raise children; but when a child becomes an adult, as St. Paul says, he has to put the things of childhood away. He becomes free: he has to care for himself, his family, and others.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

By Philalethes              The origins of the American Republic are, where are they? Lots of places. The political thought of 17th– and 18th-century Britain. In the Dutch republic. In the Italian Renaissance. In the minds of some geniuses tired of being taxed, censored, and silenced. In the fed-up […]

Five Hundred Thousand

By Philalethes  “They’re saving shots of the vaccine for a few members of the synagogue.” The Rabbi’s wife knows I desperately want to get vaccinated so I can travel to the east coast to see my parents, whom I haven’t been able to visit since the pandemic began, […]