Chronicle of Current Events: Nazi Literature in the Americas

“Words change their meanings over time, and this is natural. But when the baser policies of intentional, malicious political manipulation intervene in the process… language becomes propaganda and its function shifts from elucidation to deceit.” By Philalethes 1.             The Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño published his novel, Nazi Literature in […]

Two Poems by Rich Ferguson

It’s only seconds /before someone pulls a trigger. /Only seconds before someone plants the seeds/of a kiss. Another Day in L.A. 1. Early morning symphony of coffee brewing, babies burbling, truck gears grinding, industry wheezing. Blackbirds singing, barrio bus-stop benches creaking, emaciated mop-top rock-star palm trees rustling in the breeze.  Those unheard: the sleeping, the dead, and stealthy coyotes lurking […]