The Mitosis Series

Photographs by Dennis Cordell “The seed of a plant is a globule of physical matter, but the actual seed is ultra-physical. All seeds are vital life-forces working in and through physical germs, and hence these true seeds are ethereal organisms, structures composed of a higher order of matter. […]

A Brief History of My White Privilege

By Aris Janigian Go back a couple of generations and nobody called us “white,” so we had no way of really knowing about our privilege. We were Armenian and Christian, third-class citizens — that we knew for sure. The first-class citizens were Turks and Muslims. They killed one-and-a-half […]

Chronicle of Current Events: Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art)

By Philalethes Nomenclature: Entartete Kunst.             In 1937 the Nazis put on exhibition in deliberately cramped facilities in Munich the confiscated works of modern artists they despised: Entartete Kunst, “Degenerate Art”. A spare, neo-Classical building was opened at the same time to house the art of National Socialism. Art was considered […]