Visual Arts

The Mitosis Series

Photographs by Dennis Cordell

“The seed of a plant is a globule of physical matter, but the actual seed is ultra-physical. All seeds are vital life-forces working in and through physical germs, and hence these true seeds are ethereal organisms, structures composed of a higher order of matter. Thus there is a succession of vital seeds pertaining to one individual entity, each such seed being the ultimate unit of that organism on a particular plane. There is the physical seed of a plant, containing the astral seed—a unit on its own plane—containing a still subtler seed belonging to a higher plane, and so forth. Ultimately, a seed is a life atom, in itself the expression on a particular plane of a monad which is a thought in divine ideation. These photos are an example of that ideation.” —Dennis Cordell

Dennis Cordell lives in Fresno, CA. Click here to learn more about his images and how he produces them. You can find his website here.

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